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 Photo by Logan Bonjean on Unsplash 

Cost and Logistics

 Tuition and Financial Aid 

Denver Urban Semester costs the same as tuition (minus room and board) for an on-campus semester at a student’s academic institution. In addition to tuition, students will pay Northwestern College’s housing cost for the semester. In many cases, students’ scholarships and financial aid can be applied to their participation in Denver Urban Semester. Talk with your off-campus studies office to learn more about how your institution will handle your situation. Denver Urban Semester tuition covers 12 to 16 credits (course work and internships), housing, and program travel and events. While in Denver, you will be expected to pay for your food (approximately $250 per month) and entertainment.


Before each semester, Denver Urban Semester staff will get housing preferences from students and then place them in furnished housing. Whether or not you have a roommate will depend on the number of students in a given semester. The housing fee will increase for students who request and receive a single room. The furnished housing will come with a twin-sized bed, a dresser, living room furniture, and kitchen essentials such as pots, plans, plates, bowls, cups, and utensils.


Bringing a car is optional and at times encouraged, depending on the location of your site placement. Denver Urban Semester will provide a monthly bus and train pass for all students who do not bring a car. Denver Urban Semester will reimburse students who do bring a car up to $100/month for gas.

 What to Bring 

Students are responsible for bringing their own bedding, towels, and clothing and anything else they’d like to make their living space home-y (decorations, pictures, etc.).   

Important Dates for 2023-2024

Fall 2023

August 15 - 16: Students move in

August 17 - 19: Fall orientation

August 21: Internships begin*

November 18 - 26: Thanksgiving break

December 8: Classes end

December 8 - 15: Exams; internships end**

December 15: Semester ends

Spring 2024

January 2 - 3: Students move in

January 4 - 6: Spring orientation

January 8: Internships begin

March 2 - 10: Spring break

April 26: Classes end

April 26 - May 3: Exams; internships end**

May 3: Semester ends

*Some student teachers may need to begin their student teaching one week earlier.

**Internships will end at some point during this time frame. The exact date depends on a student's field of study and number of credits.

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