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Classes and Credits

All Denver Urban Semester students complete an internship relevant to their field of study alongside any required field seminars. In addition, all students must take the Cross-Cultural Urban Integration seminar, a once-a-week course that explores themes and questions relevant to being a good neighbor in an urban context.

Please contact you school's off-campus study office and academic advisor to make sure that Denver Urban Semester credits, especially internship credits, will transfer back to your home institution and fit into your graduation plan.

 Education Majors 

  • Student Teaching (15 credits)

  • Student Teaching Seminar (1 credit)

  • Cross-Cultural Urban Integration Seminar (2 credits)

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 Social Work Majors 

  • Social Work Practicum (10-12 credits)

  • Social Work Seminar (3 credits)

  • Cross-Cultural Urban Integration Seminar (2-4 credits)

 Other Majors 

  • Internship (9-12 credits)

  • Cross-Cultural Urban Integration Seminar (2-4 credits)

  • Must take at least 12 credits total


 Cross-Cultural Urban Integration Seminar 

In the Cross-Cultural Urban Integration (CCUI) Seminar, students learn from a variety of community teachers including leaders of local nonprofits, faith communities (including those of religions other than Christianity), and other community efforts. This class creates space for students to reflect on their roles in engaging with healing work in a diverse world and engage with difference with respect and humility. 

*With approval, Hope College students can take the CCUI Seminar as their senior seminar. 

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