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 Application Requirements 

Please verify these application requirements with your school's off-campus study office in case there are unique requirements for your school or field of study. For more information about the application process, check out the Apply page.

 Attendance at a Partner School 

Applicants must currently attend one of the following partner schools:
• Northwestern College - Orange City, IA
• Dordt University - Sioux Center, IA
• Hope College - Holland, MI


​If you are interested in participating in DUS but do not attend one of our partner school, please speak with your school's off-campus office and have them contact the DUS Director to discuss potential partnership.

 Verification of Credit 

Denver Urban Semester accepts applications from students of any major, as long as the student’s academic department approves in communication with DUS. Before applying, please verify with your academic advisor and your department chair that DUS credit will count towards your degree and fit into your plan of study. If you are the first student in your area of study to apply for DUS, please have your academic advisor contact your off-campus study office and the DUS Director.

 Minimum GPA 

Applicants must have at least a 2.5 GPA.

 Year in School 

Applicants must be in at least their junior year during the semester they wish to participate in DUS.

 Components of Application 

  • Your school's off-campus study application requirements in addition to...

  • Northwestern College's off-campus study application (online)

  • Résumé outlining your objective, education, relevant coursework, experience, honors, and awards

  • 3 reference letters (one academic, one job-related, and one personal)

  • An unofficial transcript (For Northwestern students, this is provided automatically upon your application.)

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