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 Photo by Acton Crawford on Unsplash 

 About Our Program 

Denver Urban Semester is a semester study and internship program for undergraduate students. We are an affiliate program of Mile High Ministries here in Denver, Colorado, and are academically accredited by Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. 


Through field experience, academic engagement, and supportive community, we equip students to participate in communities as engaged and hopeful neighbors.


We envision an equitable world where all people flourish and all aspects of life together are marked by love.



We hold onto a belief in the goodness of God and God’s unconditional love, even in the midst of mystery.

Co-Creation with God

We believe that we are invited by the Creator to participate in healing work in the world.


We deeply desire for all people to flourish and recognize that intentional action is necessary for that to become a reality.


We want love to guide our steps, an active love that promotes the flourishing of all people.


We lean into our responsibility to care for the needs of others and engage with ourselves and others with grace when we fail to love our neighbors as ourselves.


We lean into righteous anger while acknowledging that we need hope to be our sustainable motivation for action in the world. 


We recognize that we always have more to learn and that everyone has something to teach us.


We see that we are deeply interconnected with one another and believe that we are more fully ourselves in the context of community.

 I really think this program has the power to change you and make you a better person. -- Maria L. 
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